Battery Booster/Saver: Extend your Android Device’s Battery Life with Phone Booster

Battery life is one of the biggest gripes among Android users. You wake up and unplug the phone from the charger in the morning, and plug it in at night before go to sleep. It seems that your battery life doesn't even last for a single day. Your Android phone serves numerous functions of making phone calls, doing business, connecting with your social networks or playing games. Without the battery power, you can do nothing.

Why Your Android Phones Run Out of Battery Quickly?

Considering the amount of tasks that your Android performs and some settings are unnoticed by users which lead to heavy battery consumption. There are several factors that cause to drain your battery life we are going to talk about.

Brightness, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Location Access

The number one battery killer is the brightness of screen. In order to save the battery, the best thing you can do is to turn the brightness as far down as you can accept apart from using your Android less. Head to Settings > Display > Brightness Level. Move the slider up or down. You can also set it to "Auto", then the screen brightness will automatically adjust light conditions.

Your Android device packs with a lot of functions such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Location, GPS, they would also drain your battery when you turn them on and take for granted. It is highly suggested that you turn them off when you aren't using. To turn them off, just tap the icons in the Quick Settings menu.

Unnecessary APPs Running in the Background

Users who owned an Android device usually download many apps they love from the Google Play or other apps stores. You may have some apps that run automatically in the background at the moment you reboot your Android device. In most case, you don't use these apps regularly. In that, those apps are not only suck the juice out of your battery quickly, but also slow down your phone by creating amount of caches and junk files.

Junk Cache and Notifications

Turning on your notifications of APPs is another cause of draining your Android's battery. Although notification is one of the main strengths of the Android platform, some app developers seem to abuse it in order to spam you with promotional messages, enticements or pointless updates. You may receive them each time there is a new message. While this seems to be convenient for you, but only tends to quicken the life-span of your battery life.

Junk files are created by your installed apps like browser, social networking apps and game apps. Just like the notifications, these junk files can not only drain your battery, but run out of your internal storage space which can slow down your Android and lead to poor performance.

How to One-tab Boost Your Battery Life

Speed Booster is a one-tab app to boost your battery life. It is a best Android optimizer to boost speed and game, save battery by cooling CPU and cleaning caches and notifications. One single tab to boost your Android to make it faster by 60% and save battery power by 30%.

After boosting and cleaning these power-hungry apps draining your battery by Phone Booster, the booster helps you cool down the temperature of phone and close unnecessary apps running in the background as well as wipe cache data from apps, purge empty folders, and delete browser and phone histories, therefore greatly save battery power. Apart from this, the booster monitors and manages all auto-start apps and prevent them from auto-starting.

Save Battery and Cool CPU with Speed Booster

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