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Did you notice that your Android become sluggish? No matter what version of OS your phone is running, Android remains a tinkerer's dream. It enables users to tweak, boost and optimize the performance of your phone.

If your phone storage speace is occupied by high resolution photos, junk mails and notifications, game cache which can dramatically affect your phone's performance. Therefore, your phone will become slower and slower. Also, you will take so long or forever to restart the phone. You may never do well when playing games on your sluggish phone.

How did these caches and junks affect users?

Users who own an Android can't stop from downloading many favorite apps. But some apps that you may seldom use in that these apps will become bloatwares. When the device reboots, it will go through all the installed apps. The more apps you have, the slower your device will be.

Filled with many cache files, your Android device will begin to function inefficiently. You may have no spare storage space for a new apps or photos. Each time you want to install a new app and you must uninstall another one on your phone because of short of storage space. It is really inconvenient and annoying. Because of lack of memory, you may take long time to open an app.

Junk notifications of APPs can not only slow down your Android. Although notification is one of the main strengths of the Android platform, some app developers seem to abuse it in order to spam you with promotional messages, enticements or pointless updates. Each time, there is a notification, you would stop your work and open the device to check what is new and only to find that there is the information of promotion or junk emails. With all these junk notifications filled in your device, you will have a slower and slower device together with poor battery life.

How to Boost and Optimize Android

Best Phone Cleaner and Booster is the best cleaner for improving the performance of your Android. Just a single one tab, it will force close all apps that are running concurrently in the background to save battery life, at the same time increase the speed and performance of your android phone. It automatically and intelligently free up memory by cleaning cache, trash and junk.

Free Download Phone Cleaner and Booster

This Phone Cleaner and Booster is free to download. Apart from this, this phone optimizer has some other wonderful features. It can clean virus and malwares and junks for your Android. The booster will speed up your phone by cool download the CPU and shut down the unwanted apps running in the background.

Clean Up Cache and Junk Notifications

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