Game Booster | How to Improve Better Gaming Performance on Your Laggy and Freezing Android

Nowadays game app has become more and more popular and numerous of people love playing games on Android in their spare time. And the percentage of people who rely on their Android devices just keeps getting higher and higher. In fact, smartphones are already dominating PCs, as these portable devices are becoming a primary means for people to access the internet.

However, there are so many games that don't work well if you are having a laggy and freezing Android device for many kinds of reasons. Games are a good way for many users to kill the stand-by time. Many still want to play games on the phone, there are several solution for you to improve your gaming performance.

Boost Game/Improve Gaming performance via a simple trick

Android's hidden Developer Option menu contains a vareity of advanced options for developers. And these options are also good for common users. First, you need to enable Developer Settings

  1. Enable Developer Settings
    • Head to "Settings" > "About Phone" > "Build number"
    • Tap 7 times to become a developer
  2. Go to Developer Settings and Enable Force 4x MSAA Options
    • Head to the Developer Settings under the settings menu itself.
    • Scroll downwards and enable the option of "Force 4x MSAA".
  3. Attention. After that, you will drain much of battery capacity.
  4. This method will drain tons of battery life. You might want to use it on a smartphome with a lot of battery juice. Turning on this option might improve your gaming performance on your freezing Android device. However, it is highly recommended that you turn off the option after playing the game.

Perfectly Boost Game via Game Booster without draining battery life

Speed Booster is a accelerator for Android to boost speed as well as boost games. With this Speed Booster, you can auto free up memory by cleaning cache, trash and junk. The boost accurately analyzes storage consumption and intelligently cool down CPU to speed up your Android device and boost game.

Battery life is another concern you may worry about. After enabling the "Force 4x MSAA" option above, your battery will be sharply drained. You may feel upset if your battery has a low power, and it is even worse in the open air.

Speed Booster can easily and perfectly solve this trouble. Because it can not only boost games, but also save battery life. Through monitoring and cleaning apps that highly consume CPU capacity this booster speeds up your Android. What's more, it will help to remove unwanted apps running in the background in order to extend the battery life as well as the performance of games. In that, users can both boost games and save battery life with one tab.

Apart from this, you can free up storage with this optimizer. It helps clean junk, residual or temp files, clear cache and free up RAM to boost speed and improve performance.

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Boost Game and Clean Up Junk with Speed Booster

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