How to Improve Performace / Boost Speed of Vivo with Pure Cleaner

Every time you open an app, you have to wait for seconds until it responds.The Transitions between screens take longer to redraw than they used to be. You may fell crazy about Android getting slow to a crawl. However, the following are tips to speed up your Vivo just like it's new one.

Clean Cache and Junk files with  Pure Cleaner

Each time you play a game apps or use other apps, surf the internet, watch movies, chat with your friend through network and so one, these apps will created caches and junk files. These cache and junk files build up over time and take their toll, and then eat up the storage to slow your Android Vivo device.

Cleaning the cache and junk files is an essential part to speed up your Vivo. Of course you can head to Settings > Application manager. But it can't completely remove the cache and junks. What's more, the phone will regularly remind you that your vivo is running out of storage. Cleaning cache will be daily ritual. That's why Pure Cleaner is developed. Pure Cleaner is a free app which helps users completely clean the cache and junk files in one-tap. By boost memory and free up amounts of storage space, your vivo will run smoothly than ever. Download it from Google Play:  Pure Cleaner

Transform Your Media Files

You vivo phone is powerful with a sound camera. You may have taken many precious photos. Transform these photos or videos to PC. Get rid of files you don't need. It is easy to forget to delete old photos and music files. However, this is one of the easiest ways to get your phone running smoothly again. Uninstall apps you don't need any more or a period, Apps could be using resources from your phone to perform processes in the background, which could be slowing down your phone. The less clutter, the better.

Cool Down CPU Temperature with Pure Cleaner

Vivo phones can sometimes overheat for some reason or after playing a game app. The overheating directly lead to lower battery or a much slower phone. It will slow down your vivo phone and decrease your performance of your phone.

This Pure Cleaner can clean apps that highly consume CPU capacity and cause overheating. It allows you to cool down the temperature of your phone when the device has a high temperature by cleaning unnecessary apps which is heavily consuming CPU running in the background.

Get software Updates

If you are not pretty tech-savvy and have a particularly old Android device, chances are there must be a software update or two available for it. While most of the software updates generally fix some bugs and improve battery life, a Jelly Bean update can do wonders for your device.