How to One-Tab Boost/Speed Up Android via Phone Booster

Nowadays, an Android device is an essential part of users' life, an user relies on it for connecting with the peers, making phones calls, connecting with social networks and entertainment. Android device have a tendency of getting old not only in the physical way, prolonged usage can also slow down the Android.

You may get frustrated with the speed of your Android device. Each time, when you try to open an app or browser online, probably this simple task takes minutes or longer to take place. Although the Android phone was fast when you first got it, it began running more slowly after using for a period.

What Cause the Speed Issues?

Filled up with Media Files or Apps

A common cause of a slow Android Device is that you have downloaded many apps which you probably seldom use them. In that way, your apps will become the bloatwares. When the device reboots, it will go through all the installed apps. The more apps you have, the slower your device will be. Remember to uninstall them to free up the memory.

Media files in the same way occupy your memory. Transform your precious media files to the PC or MicroSD card. Get rid of anything that will take up your storage in order to speed up your Android device.

Cache files and Junk Notification

If you have several cache files, these also end up occupying a massive amount of storage space. Hence, once disk space is nearly full, your device will also begin to function in a less efficient manner. Users often go to "Settings" and tap "Storage", then clear the cached data or clear the data of every option. However, you may do this work weekly or daily.

Junk notifications of APPs is another cause of lagging your Android. Although notification is one of the main strengths of the Android platform, some app developers seem to abuse it in order to spam you with promotional messages, enticements or pointless updates. With all these junk notifications filled in your device, you will have a slower and slower device together with poor battery life.

Automatically Start Apps or Highly Consume CPU Apps

Another cause that slows down your Android is your downloaded apps running in the background once you start your phone, and these results lead to an unnecessary consumption of your CPU resources.

How to One-tab Boost/Speed Up Android?

Speed Booster is a reliable speed booster, memory, speed & game booster, Android optimizer, battery saver, and caches cleaner which is famous in the world.

Speed Booster closes all the unnecessary apps to free up memory as well as save battery. It helps you free up memory by cleaning junk files and notifications and remove the unwanted or bloatwares. It boosts your device's speed by intelligently and accurately analyze all the apps and one tab clean them up. With this in consideration, you no longer need to clear the cache files or junk files by yourself. The booster will do all these trivial things for your Android.

Phone Booster can detect and clean apps that highly consume CPU capacity and cause overheating. What's more, this booster can close unnecessary apps and prevent all auto-start apps from starting.

One tab boost and clean Android phones, Speed Booster makes it faster by 60% and save battery by 30% without root access with small installation size.

Speed Up Android and Free Up Memory

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